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L33t Translator
Ever wanted to become a real "hax0r"? Sorry... this page won't help you. However it will help you translate to and from l33tsp33k (hacker-lingo).
After translating your favorite phrases, you might choose to then transfer them on to some fabric to create your very own custom shirts with l33tsp33k. There are some pretty neat personalized designs that some people have come up with; try it for yourself.
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Type english on the left ... ... ... ... ...

 Translate as I type

     ... ... ... or type l33t on the right.

     Translate literally
       (e.g. h4x0r translates to haxor instead of hacker)

      If you have problems, please tell me in the forums. There are many, many variants of l33t, and it is impossible for a computer to translate accurately every time.

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